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Want more moments when life feels beautiful?

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The revolutionary app that makes happiness possible everyday, even amidst the pressure and challenges of adult life

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If you know there's more to life than getting things done but you just can't get off the hamster wheel

This might sound familiar… 

You tell yourself you’ll take time to relax when all the jobs are done, the kitchen is clean, the odd socks are paired, the kids are in bed and you've sent that last work email. But somehow this moment never arrives.

It’s almost like the more jobs you tick off your mental to do list, the more needs to be done.

You want to read, take a bath or meditate before bed but instead you scroll through social media. This leaves you feeling disappointed with yourself or distracted by other people's lives.

When the weekend finally arrives and you get to do the things you've been looking forward to, like spending quality time with your kids, seeing your friends or just doing nothing, it doesn’t feel as good as you imagined.

This leaves you feeling flat, disappointed or on edge. You can’t shake the feeling that something is missing, that life should feel better than this.

Then the guilt creeps in, as you remind yourself how fortune you are.

You know that meditation could help, but you don't trust yourself to stick with it long enough to receive the benefits of more patience, perspective and peace.

But what if there was a simple way to feel more present for the people and things that ‘should make you happy’ and less caught up with the stuff that in the end, just doesn’t matter?

With The Happy Habit you don't need to spend hours sitting crossed legged battling your busy mind. Five minutes is enough to get your dose of ‘feel good’ in meditation so you can 'feel good' in daily life. Before long, you'll look forward to your meditation practice as much as you look forward to your morning coffee or weekend glass of wine.

With The Happy Habit you'll

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Learn how to experience happiness everyday  

By breaking free from your invisible barriers to happiness and learning exactly how to enjoy moments of happiness everyday

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Understand what makes you happy

By exploring and growing your 10 scientifically backed pathways to happiness and getting really clear on what makes you uniquely happy

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Make regular meditation possible

By taking a micro meditation challenge, all you need is 4 minutes a day!

Here's what people are saying

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Amy Cox

"Fleur's meditations are like a kind and gentle friend walking you back home to the wiser parts of yourself that have gotten lost in the 'busyness' of life. I am so excited to have an entire app of her meditations I can easily access to restore my inner calm and peace, in a way that cultivates the habit of mindfulness in my busy life".

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I love the simplicity of this app and yet it's content is diverse enough to appeal to both beginners and experienced meditators. The guided journalling experience is fantastic, such a significant tool for manifesting real change in one's life. Finally, Fleur's voice is so calming and kind, never irritates or breaks my focus like some teachers do. Well done!"

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"What did I ever do without Fleur's micro meditations? A little bit of peace and calm that I've grown very quickly to look forward to. So achievable in bringing me right back to the most beautiful place inside myself. It's always there, I just need to make accessing it a habit. I love this app!"

With one teacher and one science-backed happiness framework, using The Happy Habit app means you won't second guess your meditation choice. You'll be able to relax and totally let go feeling assured that every meditation is a positive step towards inner happiness.

With The Happy Habit it's possible to

Feel happier in just 4 minutes
when you receive a brand new micro meditation at your preferred time each day. Perfect when you don't fully trust yourself to remember!

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Master the 10 pathways to lasting happiness 
when you enjoy the meditation library. Take the 'feel good' experience of meditation into your daily life and watch the positive ripple effects at home, at work and in your relationships.

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Explore what makes you happy and what gets in the way
with the guided writing practices that will help you see yourself and your life in new and liberating ways.  

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The Happy Habit app isn't about life being perfect. It's about enjoying the life that's yours right here, right now, even the parts you didn't plan or even want. What would your life look and feel like if you could be grateful for it all?

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Try the App for free

And experience first hand how meditation can help you grow a lasting sense of peace, purpose and belonging, and transform your struggles into opportunities for growth and resilience.

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The revolutionary app that makes happiness possible everyday, even amidst the unpredictable nature of life, the challenges and setbacks. 

Meet your meditation guide, Fleur Chambers

The gentle voice, creative mind and curious heart behind The Happy Habit app. Fleur is a certified meditation teacher and member of Meditation Australia. She holds a Masters degree in adult education and community development and has years of experience helping people from all walks of life alleviate the daily stressors that block their path to happiness.

Her guided meditations and online courses have been downloaded over 2 million times in 40 countries around the world.

Fleur is a down-to-earth, working mother of three who doesn't spend hours on silent retreats each year. Instead, she finds small moments each day to practice, to be mindful, to be happy.

She teaches people how to weave meditation and moments of happiness into their already busy and over-scheduled lives.

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Try The Happy Habit for free

And experience first hand how meditation can help you grow a lasting sense of peace, purpose and belonging, and transform your struggles into opportunities for growth and resilience.

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"Fleur combines science and practical wisdom that is easy to apply to my busy, chaotic life. Her voice is lovely and the music is sublime. The combination is truly transformative. I could not recommend this app highly enough and I wish there was a 6th star."

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"I'm new to meditation and have managed to meditate six days in a row because of the daily reminders. The fact that the micro meditations are only five minutes makes all the difference. Feeling proud of myself today."

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"Never has there been a greater need for this. Anxiety and overwhelm seem almost expected at the moment, so thank you for the excellent tools, even for those of us who feel they 'can't meditate'. Thank you also for the timely reminder that happiness is made up of moments, not milestones."

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