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Morning meditations for focus and intention

30-days of simple, powerful morning meditations to help you take charge of your thoughts and actions

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Make your mornings count so you can steer each day in a positive direction

30-days of powerful, guided morning meditations to help you set yourself up for a great day


If you want to start your day right  but you keep getting thrown off course, this might sound familiar...

When you wake, your mind immediately goes to all the things you need to get done. This makes you feel overwhelmed, distracted and already one step behind.

When your head finally hits the pillow at night, you feel deflated and exhausted rather than grateful and satisfied.

You want to feel closer to those you love, but by the time you've finished talking about the chores and practical details, you feel like zoning out rather than speaking from the heart.

You know it's time to invest in yourself, but after decades of putting your needs last, it feels strange and scary to make your wellbeing a priority.

What if you could begin your day feeling really clear about what’s important to you.

If only you knew exactly how to come back to the people and things that really matter every time life pulls you off course.

The truth is you don't need to spend hours on a yoga mat, years in therapy or months eating kale. 

You can do it with a simple morning meditation practice.

With this 30-day morning meditation course you'll make meditation your favourite daily habit.

But more than this, you'll identify what really matters to you, and work out exactly how to have more of this in your everyday life.

So when your head hits the pillow you'll smile thinking to yourself "that was a good day!"

Morning meditations help you start the day right

In Morning Meditations for Motivation and Focus you'll learn exactly how to

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Start your day right  

By beginning each day feeling energised and focused and taking this feeling with you all day.

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Live with intention

By learning to break free from auto-pilot, overwhelm and distraction and start living life on your terms

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Improve your relationships

By breaking unhealthy relationship habits so you can really enjoy the people in your life

Here's how it works

This course is designed with your busy lifestyle in mind.

There are no workbooks or check-lists, which means no online overwhelm. 

With one lesson per day (each less than 20 minutes), simple press play each morning and close you eyes knowing that when you open them, you will feel more focused, energised and positive. 

Each day contains one bite sized idea or concept that will help you break free from unhealthy habits and replace these with thoughts and actions that make you feel more purposeful, aligned and happy. 


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With this 30-day practice you'll be able to

  • Notice when you've become side-tracked with social media and move your attention back to what's important to you
  • Break free from unhelpful thoughts and relationships that that taking you away from activities that feel more meaningful and satisfying
  • Forgive yourself when you make mistakes so you can feel less guilt and take more action
  • Move on from regrets, past conversations or relationships so you can feel less distracted and more present
  • Speak from the heart, ask for what you need and give more fully to your relationships so that you can feel closer to those you love
  • Go deeper by writing about your experience in a notebook or by talking with a friend.
  • Take the 'ah ha moments' from the course out into your life and witness your relationship improve, your self esteem grow and your energy levels and motivation rise.  
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Say good-bye to auto-pilot, distraction and overwhelm and hello to greater freedom, choice, direction and intention

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Start your mornings right for $59

Say goodbye to auto-pilot, distraction and overwhelm and hello to greater motivation, focus and intention

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From: Eftychia, Greece

I was waiting eagerly for our morning meditation. I've learned to accept myself and feel compassion. My life is complicated, but I've realized that so is other people's lives. The most important thing is to be myself, to trust my instincts and to live every moment.

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From: Els, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and looked forward to the calm guidance each morning. I highly recommend this course if you have a morning practice or want to start one. This is a kind and compassionate approach. Thank you

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From: Emily, USA

This course has been transformational. I found myself no longer reacting as much to things that would have upset me in the past. Love the thoughtful insights at the beginning and beautiful music too. I’m committed to continuing a morning meditation practice after this.

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Morning meditations for focus and intention

30 day course

Say goodbye to auto-pilot, distraction and overwhelm and hello to greater freedom, choice, direction and intention

Start today

Start your mornings right

Because you are ready to make each day count


Meet your teacher, Fleur Chambers

Fleur combines a Masters degree with a decade of experience teaching adults to reflect on their lives, plus a lifetime of warm-hearted curiosity to create this 30-day course. It's been designed to open your mind and heart to the possibility of really taking charge of your thoughts and actions.

Because the truth is, when you start your day right, when realise that YOU get to control where you place your attention, what you think about, and what you let go of – your life changes in profound ways.

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Suzanna, USA

I’m so happy I completed this course. It has made a marked difference in my life. I reflected upon my monkey mind 35 days ago and how I am now, and I am so much calmer. I can sleep better. Fleur’s voice is calming and kind. The music is incredible.

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Sophie, USA

An absolute must-do to give meaning and direction to your life. Learn to know and love yourself, discover your values and live in a way that fulfils you. Fleur's gentle voice and kind approach is enchanting. This course has changed my life for the better. Thank you!!

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Val, Belgium

A heartfelt thank you for this beautiful journey. As I awoke gently to the dawn of the morning, I softly awoke to myself.

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